The Gap Series


Praise for Faith from advance readers:

Recommendation by Rosemary Upton

Dear Editor,

The writing team of JM Hawks has developed a powerful novel in Faith. Set in the mysterious time between God’s creation of the world, Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, the Gap series presents the supposition of a race created before the human race-before the earth became void for a time and then renewed-even as it did after the flood of Noah’s era.

The Bible mentions in numerous places such things as dragons, Isaiah 27:1 and giants created by the union of the sons of God mating with the daughters of men, Genesis 6:4. We also know that Satan and his demons have been active since before the fall of mankind.

The authors have a story that engages the reader in the plausibility of such an age before more detailed recorded time. The Prince of this world, clearly portrayed as the story unfolds, has his cohorts. Fallen angels war against those who are faithful to the Lord. But, God is in the struggle and those who are his, grow in their understanding of this God who created them.

The novel is rich in action, and imagery-fiction that snatches the attention and delivers positively in the fight for good to triumph over evil. This work is for an adult, general audience. News reports imply that adults who enjoy fantasy began reading Harry Potter for lack of more mature material when their children became fascinated with the books. Left Behind, draws Christian enthusiasts into the excitement of fictional end time events based on the Revelation. Now is the season for this genre to deliver the message of redemption in a new format-just as absorbing.

Rosemary Upton

Rosemary Upton - Author of: Joanna (Guideposts books); The Court and the Kingdom (Shaw Publishing); Glimpses of Grace (Baker Books); Writing Strategies