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Praise for Faith from advance readers:

Recommendation by Kistler London

To Readers of FAITH:

I have been privileged to read and critique FAITH, the first novel in a series proposed by JM Hawks.

This husband and wife team writes fluently, using images and action to carry the conflicts of a compelling plot. Their story kept me reading well toward dawn.

FAITH introduces three kinds of beings, each having advanced intellectual and spiritual powers. The Effays, able to be charming, nevertheless embody evil. Some of them, led by Joend, cannot forget their former state; they revel against the Effay prince, forming their own kingdom of Aureffays. Joend experiments and manages to reproduce, something her species was not designed to do.

Against this backdrop, the Iyms are initially protected in their own lands. A technologically advanced people, they have bodies that can flatten like a leaf or exist on one breath every two minutes. They sometimes communicate with parents, siblings, or bondmates without words. Each Iym chooses whether or not he will stay within the protection of the Creator. When the Iyms allow a search party to go beyond their lands to gather exotic plants, the party discovers the Aureffays. That first contact barely hints of the dangers ahead.

The team of JM Hawks responded quickly to points of critique. The mention of possible problems in plot or use of language brought simple, effective revisions having just enough details and dialogue to clarify action, refine characters, and heighten tension. In my opinion, this novel merits a close reading with a view to production in film as well as print.

I foresee that one day the works of JM Hawks will be in contention for a Paraclete.

Kistler London

Kistler London - Publishing Consultant; Author's editor for books published by University Press of Florida and University of Georgia Press.