The Gap Series


Praise for Faith from advance readers:

Recommendation by John Moody Presley, Ph.D

Dear JM Hawks,

Thanks so much for the most unique Christmas gift we received!

The book is very well written and fascinating all the way through. I was impressed with the skill that was displayed in setting the environment with words that made it come to life.

There is excellent flow in the plot and the characters really fit the underlying message. Portraying Keshur as neither pure Iyms or Aureffay gives a good foundation for the whole story. Neen and Licot bonded early on even though there were similar obstacles.

The Prince is accurately portrayed and becomes the epitome of evil because of his fight with I AM. This vividly illustrates what the two main forces in life are - evil and good.

The declaration delivered by Michael is interacting - it promises both reward for those who obey and eternal separation for those who bond with fallen angels. The residence issue is solved. I AM's involvement with one with for mating is shown. Sex o.k. if in the prescribed framework but not with fallen angels.

The one God concept is "weaved in" adroitly and the naming of part Iyms "Ciams" gives new meaning. Now Keshur is the child of I AM. This portrays a significant acceptance and guarantees the protection and reward for Keshur, the main and most intriguing character. The names of all the characters are interesting.

The compassion and concern that I AM shows toward the fallen angels yet a forever goodbye demonstrates that justice can be meted out with fairness and dignity - not revenge.

I personally can relate to the concerns Keshur felt for the ones separated but the choice is the key ingredient. The comforting given by I AM to Keshur is an appropriate climax.

The book should provide comfort to many people. I thought the ending was spectacular and proper.


Best Wishes,

P.S. Continue on your quest to get it published. It is timely and needed. It is within the popular psyche using the weapons, customs and caves of a bygone era which is now receiving lots of attention.

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