JM Hawks' fiction is fast-paced, action-packed adventure stories with unexpected twists and turns. These stories draw on many aspects of J and M's backgrounds, including J's twenty years of experience in the legal field, most of it as an appellate prosecutor. The more than eight years dedicated to prosecution of death penalty and sexually violent predator cases give the author a unique insight into the mind, thought processes, and actions of these individuals. Thus, JM Hawks' fiction brings a true-life perspective to the thoughts, actions, and character of those portrayed in the novels -- be they good, evil, or in a few cases, genuinely mentally ill.

JM Hawks' fiction always includes a Christian theme(s). It may or may not be obvious but can be deduced through the abundant symbolism woven into the stories. At present, JM Hawks has two fictional works in progress: A three novel fantasy series called The Gap Series and a four novel suspense series called Sarai. You may read more about these stories by clicking on "read more" below.

The Gap Series

The Gap Series tells of intrigue, betrayal, and destruction on the one hand; and, faith, hope, and love on the other. It is set in what may be a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. (You may learn more about "The Gap Theory" by clicking on the appropriate button found on "The Gap Series" page of this website.) The Gap Series will include at least three books, Faith, Hope, and Love, and may include more.


Seventeen year-old Sarai's Rabbi-turned-Christian father was taken from her years earlier by U.S. Government agents who charged him with conspiring with known terrorists. Her mother later married Joel, a cruel man who owns a house of prostitution and two port-front warehouses into which secret merchandise is received. Sarai runs away because she knows Joel will soon rape her and force her into his "stable" of prostitutes. Having left during one of the coldest nights on the mysterious island on which she lives, she is aided by an unlikely companion who leads her deep into rugged mountains. Sarai is soon embroiled in adventure, intrigue, and mystery on a scale never imagined! There, she learns she is a valuable player in a plot with the potential to destroy most of the known world and must face the spirit of fear instilled in her from the age of four.